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How to install Windows with Virtual CloneDrive software?


With the software company, you can install your operating system from an ISO file. In other words, you can install windows by burning it to a blank DVD, using conventional burning software, or by using an application to insert this digital disc into a virtual disc drive, notably Virtual CloneDrive.

The "Virtual CloneDrive" software:

Virtual CloneDrive is a free virtual drive that supports a large number of disk image files. In other words, this software also allows to mount ISO CCD and BIN formats, also, it is possible to read the image files from your hard disk without burning them. Besides this, this application is compatible with most operating systems including Windows 10 and Windows so with this software it is now possible to install up to 8 different players.

W7 / 10 installation steps via “Mount” an ISO file

1. Download and install the "Virtual CloneDrive" application. Virtual Clonedrive is a virtual player that supports image files. picture

install windows 10

2. Launch Virtual CloneDrive.

3. Specify the number of virtual drives you want: Recommend 1.

4. Click at the bottom right of the desktop, the system notification area is displayed and Right-click on the Virtual Clone Drive icon.

5. Select the virtual drive (here, E :) then choose Mount ... image

windows 10 key

6. Select the Windows disk image.

7. Then click on "Run setup.exe", the execution is automatic image

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