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How to install Windows on Mac using Boot Camp?


The procedure for installing Windows on a Mac is very easy, you just need to use the “ Boot Camp Assistant ” utility to create a partition on your hard drive and install Windows in parallel with Mac OS .

Before you start you should check the following:

• An Intel Mac with all the updates
• 30 GB of free memory on your hard drive
• A USB key of 8 GB or more

Step 1: Create a Windows installation USB key

1- An upgrade: It is the evaluation (Upgrade) of an old version to Windows 10 without risking losing your files.  

windows on mac

2- Click on "Continue".

install windows on mac with bootcamp

3. Check " Create Windows 7 or later installation disc " in the task selection menu

windows 10 for mac

4. Insert the USB key then selectyour Windows ISO file .

install windows on mac

5. Click on "Continue", the disk will then be formatted.
Make sure you have backed up the data.

put windows on mac

6. Confirm and please wait, it may take an hour or more.

Step 2: Creating the Windows partition

Once your Windows installation key is created, the Windows space on your MAC is defined.

1. Open the Boot Camp assistant

2. Check " Install Windows 7 or later ".

windows on mac bootcamp

3. Set the partition size and use the dot between the two systems to vary the size of two partitions.

Click on " Install ".

install windows on mac

Step 3: Windows installation

Windows installation starts when you restart your Mac

Choose the installation language then click on "Next"

windows 10 usb bootable mac

1. Select your Boot Camp drive , then click on “Format” to reset it.

install windows under mac

2. Click on "next" to start the installation .

3. Finally restart your computer once the installation is complete.

Step 4: Installation of Windows drivers

Now install the Boot Camp drivers which are on the USB key, where you will find a folder called " Boot Camp ". Click on it, execute "setup.exe" then follow the instructions to install the Boot Camp drivers.

install windows on mac bootcamp

Step 5: Startup configuration

Default boot configuration

1. Click on " Control Panel " then double click on " Boot Camp ".

2. Please selectthe system you want to launch when the computer starts in the "Startup disk" tab.

install windows program on mac

3. Click on "Restart"

Temporary change of boot disk when starting your Mac , it is a question of holding the ALT key (⌥) and after a few seconds the boot manager appears to choose the disk.

Finally, your installation of Windows on your Mac is successful!