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How to install Windows 10?


With Windows 10 you are spoiled for choice, whether you just bought your PC without an OS or you want to switch from an old version to Windows 10 . Here is an article to guide you in order to complete your installation successfully.

The installation process remains the same for both versions of Windows 10 : Professional and Home.

There are two ways to install Windows 10:

1- An upgrade: It is the evaluation (Upgrade) of an old version to Windows 10 without risking losing your files.
2- A complete installation: This method remains more stable. However, it is essential to save all your files on an external disk before launching the clean installation and thus formatting your disk partition.

Windows 10 installation steps:

1. Insert the USB key or the Windows 10 installation DVD disc and use this medium to boot the computer.

2. Enter the language, specify the time zone and confirm the type of keyboard used

install windows 10

3. "Install now" Windows 10

download windows 10

4. Enter all the product key numbers corresponding to the Windows 10 license .

windows 10 activation key

5. Enter the product key: The Windows 10 license serial number .

windows 10 key

6. Choose the “Upgrade” installation if you want to keep your files and settings, or “Custom” to install Windows only on an empty or formatted hard drive.

download iso windows 10

7. In case you have opted for the "custom" installation, choose the hard drive or the system in which Windows 10 will be installed .

Install Windows 10

8. The copying of files will start and the installation will take place automatically.

Install Windows 10

9. After the installation is complete, your computer will restart, and a few screens will ask you to configure the Windows 10 computer .

10. Finally, it is essential to install some drivers for hardware such as graphics card, network card and wifi. This step is performed by going to the website of the computer manufacturer in order to download the specific drivers for Windows 10

Well done ! Congratulations ! You have successfully installed Windows 10 .