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Company profile

SURPLUS HONG KONG DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 with a registered capital of 20 million HKD. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating software sales and software research and development. The software of “SURPLUS Dynamic Data Center” and “SURPLUS Genuine License Delivery and Management Platform” with independent research and development of complete intellectual property rights, mainly provides various software genuineization and data center optimization projects for the education field, government industry and enterprises and institutions .

In the early days of the company's establishment, as the general representative of Microsoft SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement) in HongKong. Accumulated such as: Samsung Data Systems (China) Co., Ltd.,  Jinshan Cloud Technology Co., Ltd., Qihoo Technology Co., Ltd., Tujia Online Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., China Mobile, Shanghai Youfu Computer Network Co., Ltd. Capital Normal University, Beijing Vocational College of Information Technology, HongKong Sport University, and other important customer resources.

The company is dedicated to the industry software design and research and development of the education and government industries, and successively develops SURPLUS Dynamic Data Center and SURPLUS Genuine License Delivery and Management Platform software, and has been successfully applied to the project. After several years of hard work , Has successively completed a number of projects in various universities in HongKong, enterprises, institutions, governments, and other industries and has won widespread praise from users. It has more than 10 Microsoft manufacturers and software certification engineers, enabling the company's technical support capabilities to serve the government. , Education, and providing quality industry solutions.

Enterprise status

SURPLUS HONG KONG DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. currently has a group of outstanding employees, of which all software development technicians have a bachelor degree or above, and the main technicians have obtained various certificates in the field of software development and implementation. Our core competitiveness is continuous technological innovation in our own business areas. The company has focused on developing education, government, enterprises, postal services and other industry markets. It has established a strategy for establishing system integration projects by combining Microsoft product agents and independent software development, as well as technological innovation.

In recent years, as the country attaches great importance to the construction and development of informatization, data dynamic centers and genuine management platform services have become our fast-growing business. At the same time, SURPLUS HONG KONG DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. has been the Microsoft SPAL general agent and AER. (Education industry sales qualification) In terms of sales, we provide products and services to education and commercial procurement users.

In the process of completing major projects, the company's technical staff carefully researched and developed technical innovations to meet the new demands of users to solve key business requirements, and developed and improved the independent intellectual property rights system of SURPLUS Dynamic Data Center; at the same time, independently designed and developed The application software such as “Cloud Licensed License Delivery and Management Platform” was also provided.

The successful development of software in these industries has enabled us to gain recognition and trust from our customers. In recent years, we have successfully implemented a number of projects in government, education, enterprises, and other industries, and all have been well received.

SURPLUS HONG KONG DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd., as a software service provider, currently has a strong software service technical team. According to the specific needs and applications of users, we provide scientific and effective software solutions for users from all walks of life. Provide users with software customization, system engineering pre-sale consulting program design, in-sale development, installation and commissioning, and after-sale maintenance services provide sufficient guarantees, saving customers a lot of money, while bringing customers a quality experience . The company's rich customer experience and high-quality services have won the company's affirmation in the industry, customer recognition, and fruitful results.

3. Enterprise Development Planning

With the development of the standardized and specialized software market, our company will focus on developing into a typical application product development software supplier based on product technology service type and system consulting type. Able to provide software organizations with reasonable organization, effective management and technical guarantee.

(1) Strengthen the unified, standardized management and market planning of industrial markets, drive system sales, and improve technical strength in practice through the implementation of system projects.

(2) Adjust and improve the internal management mechanism of division of labor, coordination, and project management to achieve benefits in management.

(3) Strengthen the long-term investment in the industrial market and establish long-term cooperative relationships with customers, eliminate short-term behavior and focus only on immediate interests. Improve service quality and establish and maintain a good corporate image.

(4) Constantly adjust the technical structure and follow up new technology exhibitions.

(5) Pay attention to the development of industrial application software.

To sum up, SURPLUS HONG KONG DEVELOPMENT will uphold the tenet of "Taiwan Zhixin, Pioneering and Innovating, Professional Excellence, Mutual Trust Cooperation", will further strengthen the production and research and development of software products, increase capital investment, and step up personnel training. Based on talents, customer-oriented, innovation and development, and quality of survival, we make our own products and build the company's core competitiveness.

SURPLUS HONG KONG DEVELOPMENT is a young company that has grown up with the vigorous development of China's IT industry. In the new century, SURPLUS HONG KONG DEVELOPMENT will uphold the good reputation and influence it has established in the IT industry in the past, and will provide new and old users with a brand new Yunjiao Wangxin image and service concept. All the staff of Beijing Yunjiao Networks Co., Ltd. thank the friends from all walks of life for their support and trust for a long time. The company colleagues will thank you for your love with better products and services.